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John Fischer

John Fischer

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John Fischer is a freelance travel writer and photographer who specializes in Hawaii and the South Pacific. While John resides in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he makes frequent trips to Hawaii.


After working for 25 years in the insurance industry during which time he and his wife, Eileen, traveled extensively on vacations, John left the corporate life to pursue his interests in travel writing and photography.

When About.com began as the Mining Company in 1997, John was the original Guide to Hawaiian Culture. Since 2009 he has been the About.com Hawaii Travel Expert.

John has made over thirty trips to Hawaii and is currently averaging three trips each year.

His photographs have been used in several national magazines as well as smaller private publications.


John is a cum laude graduate of the Episcopal Academy in Merion, Pennsylvania. He obtained his B.A. with Honors from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

By John Fischer:

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth, however, too many visitors still just spend a week in Waikiki and never experience the beauty and culture of the rest of Oahu. Many never consider a visit to one of the neighbor islands of Hawaii.

The best traveler is one who embraces the culture and history of the places he or she visits.

With About.com's Hawaii Travel site, we share with our readers the popular places to see and things to do, but also the hidden gems that are off the beaten path. Believing that most potential visitors to Hawaii want to see the places that they can visit on their trip, our site offers an extensive collection of photos of each of the major Hawaiian Islands.

We hope that this site can help you plan your visit to Hawaii and the South Pacific and that when you return home you'll still return to visit the site often to relive that special vacation in paradise.

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