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Hawaii for Kids and Teens


We all know that Hawaii is a great place for a romantic vacation but it is also a great place for a vacation for the entire family. So, if you are a parent who is planning a trip to Hawaii, or even just thinking about it, this feature is not just for you, but also for your children. In this feature we'll tell you and your kids about some of our favorite things to do on each island.

Big Island of Hawaii

Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka Space Center
Located at Kona International Airport this center features computer interactive exhibits and really interesting films.

Dolphin Quest
At the Hilton Waikoloa Village you can meet one of the ocean's most amazing and intelligent creatures face to face. You'll learn about the dolphin's fascinating abilities and gain a personal appreciation of the importance of preserving the world's oceans and its inhabitants for future generations.

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Kauai Children's Discovery Museum
A permanent science, art, and cultural exploratory museum - a hands on touch, see, feel, and learn museum of experience.

Kauai Plantation Railway
unning through the grounds of the Kilohana estate and adjoining 70-acre tropical plantation, the 2.5-mile rail line passes stands of original island crops, sugar cane and taro - the staple starch of ancient Hawaiians, and on past grooves of mango, banana, papaya, coffee, pineapple and then on to experimental plantings of longan, cashew, hybrid mango, noni, and atamoya. Along with these crops traditional Pacific islander vegetable gardens are being laid out side-by-side with plantings of exotic flowers and hardwood trees in an unequaled array representing both the past and future of tropical agriculture on Kauai. See our feature on the Kilohana Plantation.

Koke'e Natural History Museum
Koke'e Natural History Museum is a little museum with heart open 365 days a year. Koke'e Museum provides interpretive programs and exhibitions about Kaua'i' s ecology, geology and climatology. Kokee's Museum also provides basic information on trail conditions in Waimea Canyon and Koke'e State Parks.

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Makena Stables
Children 13 and older are welcome on their rides when accompanied by an adult. This is a great opportunity for young people to ride horseback in Hawaii.

Maui Ocean Center
This is the best aquarium in Hawaii with both indoor and outdoor displays. You can learn all about the sea life in the waters of Hawaii and have fun doing it too.

Whale Watching Adventures
The Pacific Whale Foundation Eco-Adventures include trips to see whales, dolphins, and coral reefs with sea turtles.

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Atlantis Submarine
See two giant sunken ships, remnants of two airliners and the Atlantis Reef project! The highlight of the Waikiki dive is a giant World War II oil tanker that rests on the ocean floor serving as a home for schools of fish and other ocean inhabitants.

Honolulu Zoo
Located within walking distance of the Waikiki hotels, this is a great zoo with a great African exhibit and a special Zoo by Moonlight tour. See our photos of the Honolulu Zoo.

Sea Life Park
A big 62 acre ocean theme park. Be sure to check out the "wholphin" exhibit - the only one in the world. See our photos of the Sea Life Park.

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