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Oahu Attractions - Waikiki and Waikiki Beach


Diamond Head

Diamond Head

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Choosing which of Hawaii's many visitor attractions to see is no easy task. There are surely more things to see than you'll ever be able to see in one trip, even if you stay entirely on one island.

Such is the case on Oahu, home Hawaii's largest city Honolulu, and to most of Hawaii's population. It is an island steeped in Hawaii's rich history.

We'll take a look at some of the most popular visitor attractions on Oʻahu. We'll look at Waikiki and the world famous Waikiki Beach; downtown Honolulu; Windward Oʻahu and finally Central Oʻahu to Pearl Harbor. Many of these attractions are free. Others charge a nominal entrance fee.

We urge all of you to pick up the current editions of the various visitor publications when you arrive in Hawaii. Many of these publications offer discounts, and often even two-for-one admission savings for many of the most popular attractions.


More than likely if you're staying on Oʻahu, you're staying in Waikiki. There are many attractions in Waikiki within easy walking distance of any hotel.

Aside from the world famous beach, which is, in itself, a major attraction, you'll want to consider a visit to the Honolulu Zoo. Located on the west side of Kapi'olani Park. The Honolulu Zoo is the largest in the state of Hawaii. In fact, it's the largest within a 2400 mile radius!

Highlights of the zoo include the "African Savanna", the "Tropical Rainforest" and the "Islands of the Pacific" exhibits. If you're in Honolulu during a full moon, check into their once-a-month "Moonlight Walk".

View our Honolulu Zoo Photo Gallery.

Located within easy walking distance of the zoo is the Waikiki Aquarium. Built in 1904, this is the third-oldest public aquarium in the United States. Their exhibits, programs, and research focus on the aquatic life of Hawaii and the tropical Pacific.

The over 2,500 organisms found in their exhibits represent more than 420 species of aquatic animals and plants. Every year, roughly 350,000 people visit the Waikiki Aquarium.

Other worthwhile attractions in Waikiki include the Damien Museum where you can learn about the life of Father Damien, famous for working with those suffering from Hansen's disease.

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