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Packing For Your Hawaii Vacation

Part 1: "Introduction" and "The List"

By Eileen M. Fischer

One of the most dreaded parts of any trip is deciding what to pack and how to get it to your destination. You want to make sure you bring everything you'll need without seeming like you've loaded up the entire contents of your home into your luggage.

Exactly what items and clothing you will want to take with you on your Hawaii vacation will depend a lot on the activities you're planning. And, if you're like many people, you'll probably over-pack as you try to plan for every possibility.

The following guidelines should help you to reach every traveler's goal - just the right things, only what you need, and no more.

The List for Hawaii Vacations

It all begins with a list. A good travel list is an ongoing project. While some of the items are specific for each trip, many of the items are things that you'll take on all of your Hawaii vacations or, for that matter, any vacation.

A good idea is to keep a master list of the items that you take on each trip on your word processor. As a new trip approaches you can copy that list, rename it for the trip at hand and add to it the specific items you need for the upcoming vacation.

Your list can also include things that you need to do around the house before you leave, such as water the plants, call the pet sitter, or stop the newspaper.

As the day of departure arrives you should check your list to be sure that things are getting done and that you have located or purchased all of the items you need. The list is a great last minute check before you leave the house to make sure that nothing has been forgotten.

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