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Before You Buy Hawaii Books

The selection of books dealing with the islands of Hawaii is virtually endless. Whether you are looking for a guidebook to help you plan your trip, a book about the volcanoes of Hawaii, a book on the history of the Polynesian people or an island cookbook, there are many selections from which to choose. We have picked out our favorites and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

Hawaii Travel Guides
There are, quite possibly, more guidebooks devoted to Hawaii than to any other state. Surprisingly, however, each of the top selections approaches the subject from a slightly different perspective, making each one a uniquely valuable aid for the astute traveler or for the library of anyone who holds Hawaii close to their heart.

Top General Hawaii Guidebooks
Top Big Island of Hawaii Guidebooks
Top Kaua'i Guidebooks
Top Maui, Moloka'i and Lana'i Guidebooks
Top O'ahu Guidebooks

Hawaii Special Interest Books
Aside from standard guidebooks, there are so many special interest books dealing with Hawaii that make an excellent choice for the bookshelf of anyone interested in the Aloha State. Whether its an atlas, a book on volcanoes or a book to help one decide if they really should move to Hawaii, we have some excellent choices for you.

Top Special Interest Books

Hawaiian Culture and History Books
While Hawaii is the 50th of the United States, it is unlike any other state in the union. Located further from land than any other island chain in the world, Hawaii has a unique culture, history and language. Before you visit Hawaii, you should learn a bit about the people of Hawaii.

Top Hawaiian Culture Books

Hawaii and South Pacific Cookbooks
The foods of Hawaii and the South Pacific include the traditional foods of the Polynesian settlers, local home style dishes as well as the New Hawaiian Regional Cuisine made famous by chefs like Sam Choy, Jean-Marie Josselin, Alan Wong and Roy Yamaguchi.

Top Hawaii and South Pacific Cookbooks

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