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Clickable Map of the Hawaiian Islands

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Clickable Map of the Big Island of Hawaii
Clickable Map of Kauai
Clickable Map of Maui
Clickable Map of the Road to Hana, Maui and Beyond
Clickable Map of Oahu

If you are looking for specific information on any of the major Hawaiian Islands, just click on any island or other location name on the map.

Check out our other clickable maps of Hawaii:

Trip Planning

If you're planning a trip to Hawaii, check out these other sections of our site:

  • Before Going to Hawaii
    A key part of having a great Hawaiian vacation takes part well before you leave your home. The more you can plan ahead the less headaches you will have in the days immediately before your departure and the more fun you'll have in the islands
  • Getting To and Around Hawaii
    An important part of your travel planning will involve booking your airfare, both to and from Hawaii as well as your inter-island airfare. You also will need to decide if you'll need to rent a car or if you can see everything you want to see by using public transportation or taxis.
  • Hawaii Accommodations: Lodging and Dining
    Choosing the right place to stay and the perfect places to eat within your budget are key parts of a successful trip to Hawaii. Hawaii has almost a limitless number of choices of lodging and dining, so there's bound to something just right for you.
  • Hawaii on a Budget
    Our contributing columnist, Jo Levy, shares her experiences on how to save money when you visit Hawaii. With a bit of planning and very little pain, you can stretch a two week Hawaiian vacation into three weeks for the same money.
  • Hawaii's Top Activities and Attractions
    Choosing what to see and do when you're in Hawaii is no easy task. There are so many choices: beaches, cycling, golfing, hiking, land activities, and water activities. We try to help you make the best choices for you and your family.

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