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Hawaiian History Books and Information - Hawaii Travel - About.com
Your guide to the history of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Islands from ancient times till the arrival of Captain James Cook, through the Monarchy Years until the ...
Top Hawaiian Culture Books - Books About the Culture, History and ...
The best books devoted to the culture, history and language of Hawaii as selected by John Fischer, your About Guide to Hawaii.
Hawaiian Culture, History and Language - Hawaii Travel - About.com
A guide to the culture, history and language of the Hawaiian people both past and present.
Hawaii's Historical Tours
Hawaii's Plantation Village has announced Hawaii's Historical Tours - a new sightseeing tour targeting visitors interested in learning and experiencing unique  ...
Hawaiian History - Up to the arrival of Captain Cook - Hawaii Travel
Your guide to information about the ancient history of the Hawaiian Islands up till the arrival of Captain James Cook in 1778.
Who Are the People of Hawaii? - Population History - Hawaii Travel
When Captain James Cook arrived in Hawaii in 1778 that was a relatively easy question to answer. There were, depending on the various estimates available, ...
Hawaiian Language Introduction - Hawaii Travel - About.com
A brief history of the Hawaiian language from 400 A.D. to the present.
A Brief History of Waimea on Hawaii's Big Island - Hawaii Travel
A look at the history of the Big Island's Waimea from 1809 to the present. ... by the offspring of black longhorn cattle given to Hawaiian King Kamehameha I by ...
Hawaiian History: The Republic, Annexation and Beyond
Your guide to information on the history of modern Hawaii. Since 1893 Hawaii has been a republic, a territory and now a state. Lots of events have happened in  ...
Hawaiian History - The Monarchy Years - Hawaii Travel - About.com
Your guide to information about the events and people of Hawaii during the years of the Hawaiian Kingdom from 1795 to 1893.
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