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Exploring the Kohala Region of the Big Island of Hawaii


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Pololu Valley and Overlook
Pololu Valley Hamakua Coast Kohala

Pololu Valley, Hamakua Coast, Kohala, Hawaii

John Fischer

Highway 270 continues past Kapa'au until it reaches the Pololu Valley. The highway ends at a parking lot at the 29 mile marker. Much less well known than the Waipio Valley on the Hamakua Coast located 12 miles further south and east, the Pololu Valley is the first of five majestic valleys that stretch along the coast to the southeast, including Honokea and Waimanu.

The views of the rugged coastline and the valleys beyond are amazing.

From the actual lookout it is impossible to look back into the Pololu Valley, or even see the black sand beach below. You need to hike down a rather steep and rough trail about half way to the beach in order to reach a spot where you can look back up into the valley and down to the beach.

The Pololu Valley was once inhabited and home to several wet taro plantations. The plantations are long ago abandoned and overgrown. Pololu is a popular, yet somewhat remote, destination for campers.

The walk down to the valley floor makes the wonderful views well worthwhile, but the walk up makes you somewhat question your judgment. It is a difficult climb. Be careful of your step, especially if the path is wet.

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