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Hawaii Forest and Trail


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Award-Winning Nature Adventures on Hawaii's Big Island
Hawaii Forest and Trail

A Short Hike to a Cool Mountain Pool - Kohala Wai PinzTrek Adventure

Photo by John Fischer, licensed to About.com

In the fall of 2007 I had the pleasure to take part in one of the many adventures offered by Hawaii Forest and Trail on Hawaii's Big Island. While I participated in their Kohala Wai PinzTrek Adventure, Hawaii Forest and Trail offers a many different adventures in several areas of the Big Island.

In this feature we'll take a closer look at Hawaii Forest and Trail - their history, their various tours and things that make them different from many other tour operators. On many pages I'll feature photos of the Kohala Wai PinzTrek Adventure which takes place off-road in the North Kohala district.

Birth of Hawaii Forest and Trail

Hawaii Forest and Trail is the brainchild of naturalist Rob Pacheco and his wife Cindy. On his first visit to the Big Island about 15 years ago, Pacheco quickly realized that the Hawaiian Islands contained diverse and unique ecosystems rivaling any place on earth.

Because of its isolation in the middle of the Pacific and volcanic geology, Rob realized that Hawaii was a paradise for studying evolutionary biology, extinction, endangered species and conservation. It was a place where the fundamental lessons of creation and earth sciences could be seen, experienced and understood.

Pacheco, who was trained as a naturalist at the University of Colorado in Boulder, concluded most residents and visitors were only seeing Hawaii's beautiful scenery and had little knowledge of Hawaii's natural history.

Pacheco decided to combine his passion with a vision: to share his passion for natural history with others and to help conserve Hawaii's endangered environment by educating them about it. It was a vision that fit well with the growing worldwide interest in eco-tourism. Soon after, and with the help of his wife Cindy whom he had met in Kona, the idea for Hawaii Forest & Trail was born.

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