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Top 6 Hawaii Guidebooks - General


There are, quite possibly, more guidebooks devoted to Hawaii than to any other state. Surprisingly, however, each of the top selections approaches the subject from a slightly different perspective, making each one a uniquely valuable aid for the astute traveler or for the library of anyone who holds Hawaii close to their heart.

1. Frommer's Hawaii 2011

The 2011 edition brings this book to the top of the list of overall Hawaii guidebooks. With more interior maps than ever before, this definitive guide to the Hawaiian Islands features coverage of beaches, adventure tours, snorkeling, diving and golf as well as reviews of all major resorts and restaurants.

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2. Fodor's 2011 Hawaii

One of the best guides to Hawaii, updated every year. All reviews based on visits by savvy writer-residents. The guide includes lots of pages of maps, walking and driving tours, smart travel tips and much more.

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3. Hawaii Handbook - The All Island Guide

Covering all of the islands in detail, this was for many years my favorite reference source about Hawaii, and winner of the Hawaii Visitor Bureau's "Best Guidebook" and "Overall Grand Excellence" awards. With over 1,000 pages dedicated to guiding travelers to Hawaii and yet compact in size, this book is a best buy. Unfortunately, the publisher has not updated this book a number of years.

4. Lonely Planet Hawaii

An insider's view on what's best to see and do and how to get around. Details on ocean sports and beach life are revealed, but this guide goes beyond to private hideaways, lush rainforests and plenty of opportunities for camping and hiking among the islands' unique landscapes.

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5. Hawaii for Dummies

Don't let the title fool you. Published by Frommer's, this book provides expert advice as well as basic tips and recommendations. It includes great maps, informative charts and quizzes to help you decide which islands are best for you.

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6. The Rough Guide to Hawaii

An excellent addition to the Rough Guide series, this book by Greg Ward contains well-researched, yet exceptionally easy to read practical tips and expert advice, as well as critical reviews of hundreds of restaurants, bars and hotels.

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