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Hawaiian History: Republic to Statehood

Your guide to information on the history of modern Hawaii. Since 1893 Hawaii has been a republic, a territory and now a state. Lots of events have happened in the last 105 years.

50th Anniversary of Hawaii Statehood
The Road to Hawaii Statehood became much faster following World War II, but the issue of Alaska Statehood and Democratic and Republican politics threw a new wrench in the movement for Hawaii Statehood.

50th Anniversary of Hawaii Statehood
On August 21, 2009, Hawaii will celebrate its 50th anniversary of Statehood. It has not been an easy journey. We look at the long road to Statehood.

Statehood Day - Hawaii's Forgotten Holiday
On the third Friday in August the state of Hawaii celebrates the anniversary of its statehood in 1959 - only except for state workers getting a day off, you'd never know that it's a holiday.

Admission Day in Hawaii
The third Friday in August is Admission Day in Hawaii. It celebrates Hawaii's admission to the Union on August 21, 1959. The following article appeared in the New York Times on August 21, 1959, the actual day of Hawaii's statehood.

An Annexation Time Line
An excellent summary of the events from March 1897 until December 1898 from The Institute of the Advancement of Hawaiian Affairs.

Global Town's Hawaii: Then and Now
A capsule view of the history of Hawaii from the arrival of Captain Cook to the present. A good place to start for the new learner.

The Hawaiian Historical Society
Dedicated to preserving historical materials relating to Hawai`i and the Pacific region and to publishing scholarly research on Hawaiian and Pacific history.

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