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Top 10 Hawaii Home-Style Cookbooks


While the new Hawaii Regional Cuisine is getting all of the headlines, it's the more home-style type of cooking that is found in most homes and even in most restaurants in Hawaii. With these cookbooks you can make your own pupus (appetizers), plate lunch, mochi and a whole lot more.

1. The Food of Paradise: Exploring Hawaii's Culinary Heritage

More than a cookbook, the author presents written well-researched histories of how various local foods have developed throughout the islands before each main and sub sections (The Plate Lunch, The Matter of Mochi, Sorting Out Sushi to name a few)

2. Remembering Diamond Head, Remembering Hawaii

A combination cookbook and memoir by mother and daughter Shirley Tong Parola and Lisa Parola Gaynier that is truly a labor of love. Read the full review by About's Guide to Chinese Cuisine, Rhonda Parkinson.

3. Hawaiian Cookbook

Featuring 272 fool-proof recipes, clearly presented with many helpful suggestions for shortcuts, preparing ahead, variations, substitutions, and everything you need to turn dining into a festive occasion. Great section on holding your own luau at home.

4. Unbearably Good! Mochi Lovers' Cookbook

Written by Teresa De Virgilio-Lam, who has managed restaurants and food services for 15 years in Hawaii. These are a collection of her favorite mochi desserts
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5. Hawaiian Country Tables

More than just a cookbook, this is a nostalgic peek at Hawaii's past, recalling the gracious island hospitality of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s and the "island stew" of dishes created over generations of intermarriage and cultural sharing.
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6. Joys of Hawaiian Cooking

This collection was compiled from recipes shared by some of the best cooks living on the Big Island of Hawaii. Some are gathered from foreign lands, some are family recipes passed from generation to generation and some are shared through friendship.
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7. A Little Hawaiian Cookbook

Includes such wonderful and tropical recipes as Coconut Baked Fish, Banana Poi, Papaya Seed Dressing, Grilled Shrimp and Pineapple, Lomi Salmon in Cherry Tomatoes, and Mocha Macadamia Nut Brownies.

8. Pupus - An Island Tradition

Features 170 pages of the islands best appetizers. Collected, concocted, tested, and adapted over a twenty-year period, these recipes offer a variety of flavorful pupus for island-style entertaining
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9. Hawaii's Island Cooking

The recipes in this book include favorite Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Portuguese, and Hawaiian dishes. All have been thoroughly tested and are proven favorites
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10. Hawaii's Spam Cookbook

Featuring 53 Spam recipes and 44 others for such canned delights as sardines, corned beef, and Vienna sausage, which are all favorites in Hawaii.
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