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Hawaiian Sovereignty

Your guide to the best places on the net to learn about the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA)
The mission of the OHA is to protect Hawaii's people and environmental resources and OHA's assets, toward ensuring the perpetuation of the culture, the enhancement of lifestyle and the protection of entitlements of Native Hawaiians, while enabling the building of a strong and healthy Hawaiian people and nation, recognized nationally and internationally.

An Annexation Time Line
An excellent summary of the events from March 1897 until December 1898 from FreeHawaii.org.

Apology Resolution Excerpts
Passed by Congress and signed by President William J. Clinton November 23, 1993 take a look at what the U.S. government has to say 100 years after the overthrow of the monarchy.

Independent & Sovereign Nation-State of Hawai`i
This is a place for up to date information on the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement and information on the legal foundation for the restoration of Hawaiian independence.

Kaho`olawe Island Protect Kaho`olawe `Ohana
The island of Kaho`olawe is to be managed as a Hawaiian cultural reserve for eventual transfer to a sovereign Hawaiian nation. For many years it was used for target practice by the U.S.  Military.

Native Hawaiian Advisory Council
Striving to restore and secure all rights to resources, including the inherent sovereign rights as indigenous people, and the right to choose their own way of life.

Perspectives on Hawaiian Sovereignty
The Institute for the Advancement of Hawaiian Affairs has many resource documents on current issues and historical analysis.

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