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Hawaii Vacation Planner - A One-stop Hawaii Travel Guide

A one-stop Hawaii travel guide to help you plan your Hawaii vacation and make your Hawaii vacation the best trip of your life. Our Hawaii travel guide includes information on hotels, restaurants, activities and much more for each of the major Hawaiian Islands - Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu.
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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Hawaii
Check out our top reasons to visit the islands of Hawaii. There is sure to be quite a few that will appeal to you.

When to Visit Hawaii
When is the best time to visit Hawaii? Which island(s) should you visit. When is the best weather? How do you book your airfare and decide where to stay and what to do? We answer all of these questions and more in this feature.

Which of the Hawaiian Islands Suits You Best?
Our 23-question survey will help you decide which of the Hawaiian Islands has the most to offer you for your next vacation.

Before Going To Hawaii - Essential Information
This is where you find all the necessary information on such subjects as passports, visas, customs, health and safety, insurance, what to pack, money matters and weather.

Free in Hawaii
Check out our comprehensive guide to the best things to do for free when you're on your Hawaii vacation.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding in Hawaii
Tips on planning a wedding in Hawaii, from choosing the perfect island to selecting the ideal venue and incorporating local Hawaiian flowers and music. A destination wedding in Hawaii can take place on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, the Big Island or Lana'i.

Hawaii Time - How to Know What Time It Is In Hawaii
What time is it at home when you're in Hawaii? Are the days longer or shorter in Hawaii? Why does the sun seem to set so quickly? Find the answers to all of these questions in this feature.

50 Things I Like About Hawaii
Since Hawaii is celebrating 50 years of Statehood on August 21, 2009, I thought it would be fun to sit down and write down the first 50 things that come to mind when I consider the things I like about Hawaii.

Plan Your Trip to Hawaii, Fiji or Tahiti
A one stop trip planner for your Hawaii, Fiji or Tahiti vacation.

Hawaii Attractions and Sightseeing
A guide to help you choose what to see and do when on vacation in Hawaii.

Hawaii Activities
Our overview of the types of activities available for you and your family in Hawaii. We look at air activities, beaches, cycling, golfing, hiking, land activities, and water activities. We offer some suggestions for day trips and other adventures that you won't want to miss.

Hawaii News
Our comprehensive guide to the best sources for Hawaii news both in Hawaii and news about Hawaii. We cover all of the major print newspapers, online news sources as well as the local TV stations that often stream major news stories live online.

Tipping in Hawaii
A guide to how much to tip and whom to tip from arrival at the airport, at your hotel and restaurants, and on guided tours in the Hawaiian islands.

Airlines That Fly to Hawaii
Unless you arrive by cruise ship or your own boat, there's only one way to get to Hawaii - by air. Fortunately, there are many airlines that fly to Hawaii, not only from the United States and Canada, but from multiple foreign cities, principally in Asia and Australia/New Zealand. Here is a breakdown on the airlines that fly to Hawaii, including...

Where to Get Married in Hawaii - A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Location for...
A guide to choosing the perfect location for your Hawaii wedding.

Hawaii Travel Planner
Why should you plan to travel to Hawaii for your honeymoon, romantic getaway or family vacation? Thanks for asking! That's why we're here - to try to help you answer that question, and others, about our 50th State - Hawaii, the Aloha State.

AAA Four- and Five-Diamond Award Winning Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants in Hawa
The AAA (American Automobile Association) has announced their Four and Five-Diamond Award winning hotels and restaurants for 2008. Three Hawaii hotels and resorts have earned the prestigious five-diamond award, as well as one restaurant. Eleven hotels and eleven restaurants received Four Diamond ratings.

About.com Hawaii for Visitors Reader Survey
In order to help this site grow in a way that is most useful to you, please take a few minutes to complete the following brief survey. We don't ask for your email address, so no one will be sending you unwanted email.

Aston Hotels & Resorts
Aston Hotels & Resorts operates a diverse range of condominium resorts and hotels in Hawaii, with accommodations from hotel rooms and condominium suites, to villas and cottages that suit any lifestyle, taste or budget.

Money Saving Tips for Your Hawaii Vacation
Were you planning a trip to Hawaii but were put off when you found that airfare for two was up by as much as $1000? What can you do to make up that money with the rest of your trip expenses and still get to visit paradise? Here are some tips to help you save money for your Hawaii vacation.

Cheap Eats in Hawaii
You don't need to go to a fancy restaurant to eat well in Hawaii. Some of the best food is found at some of the more hole-in-the-wall places. Here are some tips on how you can find them.

Condo Hotels Offer Hawaii Visitors an Affordable Alternatives
For many travelers, especially those with families, a condo hotel is a better option that a standard hotel or even a resort. The main reason is that most include a kitchen where you can prepare some of your meals and save some significant money.

Expedia Local Expert[sup]TM[/sup] Activities and Tours
There are times when visitors are able to book their own activities from home prior to their Hawaii trip, but, there are definite advantages in attending one of the Expedia Local Expert presentations offered at hotels or resorts throughout the islands.

Favorite Hawaiian Island - What's Your Favorite Island in Hawaii
It's the question I get asked more than any other. What's your favorite Hawaiian island? My favorite has changed many times over the years and may change again. Let's hear from you.

Free Hawaii Visitor Publications - Even In Hawaii Some Things…
Even in Hawaii some things are still free. Check out these free visitor publications.

Free Nights and More at Hawaii Hotels and Resorts
Contrary to popular opinion, Hawaii's hotels and resorts often offer great deals and specials. Sometimes you'll have to book over 60 days in advance, but other times, the closer you are to your departure date the more deals you're likely to find. Keep in mind, hotels and resorts have one goal and one goal only. Fill those rooms.

Getting To and Around Hawaii
There are many options in booking your airfare to Hawaii and as many choice in how to get around the islands once your arrive.

Share Your Money Saving Tips for a Vacation to Hawaii
Money is tight right now. Share your tips on how to save money when planning a vacation to Hawaii.

Hawaii Accommodations - Lodging and Dining
One key to a successful trip to Hawaii is choosing the right type of lodging that is best for you and your family. Whether you decide on a bed and breakfast, rental condominium, private rental property or a world class hotel or resort, Hawaii has something that will fit your needs and your pocketbook.

Hawaii Beaches
All that you need to know about the beaches in Hawaii. We include lists of best beaches, beach photos, information on the beaches on each island and even where you can find Hawaii's unofficial nude beaches.

Hawaii Diaries
A collection of several of the travelogues of our many trips to Hawaii. We have over 40 individual articles which can help you plan daytrips when you visit Hawaii.

Hawaii on a Budget
Our contributing columnist, Jo Levy, shares her experiences on how to save money when you visit Hawaii. With a bit of planning and very little pain, you can stretch a two week Hawaiian vacation into three weeks for the same money.

Hawaii Scores Well in 2009 Travel + Leisure World's Best Awards
Hawaii has once again scored well in the 2009 Travel + Leisure World's Best Awards with Honolulu's Halekulani rated as Hawaii's top resort and the island of Kauai rated as best island.

Hawaiian Weddings and Honeymoons
A look at wedding and honeymoon planning and the most romantic places in Hawaii.

How to Apply for a Marriage License in Hawaii - The Legal Requirements and...
How to apply for a marriage license in Hawaii - The legal requirements and application process for obtaining a marriage license in Hawaii.

Overview of the Hawaii Smoke-Free Law
In 2006, Hawaii joined 13 other states - and several countries around the world - in the growing movement to protect people from the significant health risks of secondhand smoke. The new Hawaii Smoke-Free Law prohibits smoking in enclosed public areas and workplaces.

Photos Galleries, Postcards, Webcams and Photography Tips
Our extensive Hawaii photo galleries, e-mail postcards, web cams, and some great tips on taking photos of paradise.

Profile of the State of Hawaii: Island and County Names, Nicknames and Geography
Understanding place names in Hawaii is an important first step in planning your trip to the Hawaiian Islands. It all begins with understanding the names of the islands themselves, since even this can be confusing to a first time visitor. In addition to their island names and county names, each island has one or more nicknames.

Renting a Car in Hawaii
Almost everyone who comes to Hawaii rents a car. It's the easiest way to get around the islands, especially if you're staying anywhere but Waikiki. All the big companies — Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, and Thrifty — rent cars on all the major Hawaiian Islands.

Saving Money on Activities in Hawaii
By booking ahead, you not only guarantee that you'll get to do what you want to do when you want to do it, but you'll also often save money.

Saving Money on Liquor and Other Liquid Refreshments in Hawaii
Saving money on alcohol and any liquid refreshments you'll want while on your Hawaii vacation is very easy and the dollars you save can add up very quickly.

Shark Attack
Attacks make headlines in the news. What are the facts behind shark attacks in Hawaii, and what can you do to reduce the risk of being attacked?

Tips on Travel to Hawaii with Children
Traveling with children is not always easy, especially on a five and a half hour flight to Hawaii from the mainland. However, with a little preparation, your traveling time can be as smooth as a baby's bottom. Well, maybe not that smooth, but we can definitely help work out the toddler kinks.

Top Hawaii Hotel Operators
Deciding where to stay is the biggest decision you need to make when planning a Hawaii vacation. A lot depends on your budget and how much you want to pay per day. Do you want to go to a plush hotel resort, moderately priced hotel or a condominium resort where you can prepare some of your own meals.

Traveling With a Pet to Hawaii
Traveling with your pet to Hawaii may seem like a fun idea, but chances are you have no idea of what you're getting into. If you're talking about a cat or dog, it's possible, but not easy. If you're talking about some other type of animal, stop right here. You can't.

Using Your Frequent-flier Miles for Travel to Hawaii
I keep reading how impossible it is to use your frequent-flier miles. It's not true. I've never had a problem using my miles to book airfare to Hawaii.

What is your favorite airline to use when you fly to Hawaii?
Share your opinion on the question - What is your favorite airline to use when you fly to Hawaii?

Where Do Hawaii's Visitors Come From and How Do They Get to Hawaii?
Find out from which U.S. and world cities Hawaii's visitors arrive, which airlines bring most of the visitors to Hawaii and how this information can help you plan your trip.

Things You Like About Hawaii
Share you thoughts on some of the things you like best about Hawaii.

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