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Money Saving Tips for Your Hawaii Vacation


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Were you planning a trip to Hawaii but were put off when you found that airfare for two was up by as much as $1000? What can you do to make up that money with the rest of your trip expenses and still get to visit paradise? Here are some tips to help you save money for your Hawaii vacation.

Using Your Frequent-Flier Miles for Your Hawaii Vacation

I keep reading how impossible it is to use your frequent-flier miles. I say, bull. I've never had a problem using my miles to book airfare to Hawaii. You might not always be able to get a "saver award," but using miles for a "standard award" may now be very cost effective.

Booking Your Hawaii Accommodations

With the economy in a downturn and tourism down in the islands, Hawaii's hotels, resorts and condo hotels are offering exciting deals which can easily make up for the extra money that you might have to pay the airlines for your Hawaii vacation. Be sure to check out our current Hawaii Deal Sheet with current deals, packages, & special offers by Hawaii hotels, resorts and condo resorts.

Eating and Drinking Affordably in Hawaii

I cringe when I read stories about how expensive food is in Hawaii for visitors. Sure, if you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at your hotel or resort, you'll spend an arm and a leg, but there are many options which can help you make dining in Hawaii a very reasonable expense.

Making the Right Choices on Car Rentals for Your Hawaii Vacation

Nearly everyone who comes to Hawaii, especially to the outer islands, rents a car. It's a large expense which becomes even more expensive if you let the rental companies sell you those add-ons which you probably don't need.

Planning Your Activities for Your Hawaii Vacation

Too many visitors plan their vacation and don't even consider activity options until the arrive in the islands. They're missing all sorts of opportunities to save money. By planning ahead and booking online, you can save big bucks.

Be sure to also check our recently added feature Free in Hawaii that contains information on things to do for free on each of the main Hawaiian Islands.

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