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Hula of Hawaii

A guide to the hula of Hawaii. Much more than just dance, hula is an expression of history, religion and the human spirit.
  1. Merrie Monarch (6)

Merrie Monarch Festival
Each year, following Easter, hula halau from around the world gather in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii to take part in what is universally considered to be the world's most prestigious hula competition - the Merrie Monarch Festival, named in honor of Hawaii's last king, David Kalakaua, the Merrie Monarch.

Hula in Hawaii
About's Honeymoons / Romantic Travel Guide Susan Breslow Sardone's excellent overview of hula, its history and where to find it in Hawaii.

Chants: Mele of Antiquity
Chants fall into two broad categories, mele oli and mele hula.In pre-contact Hawai'i, mele was the word for"poetic language;" it has since evolved to mean song.

Click Hawaiian Hula
If you would like to order a CD of hula pictures, here's the place. Brought to you by Coconut Info, this is well worth the investment if you want some great hula pictures.

Hula Halau Na Meakanu O Laka O Hawaii
is a formal school of hula established in 1985 in Torrance, California. The mission of the school is to provide a positive environment through which students may grow in their cultural awareness and personal evolution.

Hula Halau o Kekuhi
Halau o Kekuhi's foundation is on the island of Hawai'i in the district of Hilo. Today, the two Kumu Hula of Halau o Kekuhi are Nalani Kanaka'ole and Pualani Kanaka'ole Kanahele.

Hula in Hawaii
The hula reflects many of the central ideas and events of Hawaiian history.

Ka Pa Hula Kanoelehuaokahalema'uma'u`O Kalama
Nearly 30 years ago, Naomi began Halau Hula O Kalama. Today, her dancetroop has grown and traveled throughout Northern California and beyond.

Merrie Monarch Remembered
Sophia Schweitzer of Coffee Times writes a very interesting article on the history of the Merry Monarch Festival.

Sounds of Hula
Learn about the various implements used by halaus as part of ancient hula.

The Hula Source
Excellent source for hula implements, costumes and other resources for Hawaiian language and culture.

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