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Flea Markets (Swap Meets), Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs on Maui


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Maui Swap Meet
Vendor at the Maui Swap Meet, Kahului, Maui

Vendor at the Maui Swap Meet, Kahului, Maui

Photo by John Fischer

I love flea markets (swap meets), farmers markets and craft fairs. When I'm on Oahu there's nothing bigger or better than the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet with hundreds of vendors or all sizes, selling everything from t-shirts to expensive koa wood crafts. I was very excited several years ago to learn that there are equally good flea markets and craft fairs on the island of Maui. In this feature we'll look at two of my favorites and one exciting new addition.

Held every Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. is the Maui Swap Meet. The Maui Swap meet is now held at the University of Hawaii Maui College (formerly known as the Maui Community College) just off of Ka'ahumanu Ave in Kahului. Admission is still just 50 cents. Check their website for more information and detailed driving directions.

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