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Flea Markets (Swap Meets), Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs on Maui


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Lahaina Civic Center Craft Fair
Vendors at the Lahaina Civic Center Craft Fair, Lahaina, Maui

Vendors at the Lahaina Civic Center Craft Fair, Lahaina, Maui

Photos by John Fischer

Held most Sundays, this craft fair takes place inside and outside of the Lahaina Civic Center at 1840 Hono’apiilani Highway in Lahaina. It's actually a bit north of Lahaina Town before the Kaanapali Resort area near the U.S. Post Office.

Here you'll find many of the same dealers that participate at the swap meet on Saturday over in Kahului. The big plus here is that the Civic Center is air conditioned. There is a small admission charge.

Crafts here are the primary items inside the Center. You'll find a wide assortment of hand-made Maui crafts sold directly by the artists. This is a perfect place for Christmas shopping if you'll on Maui in November or December.

Outside you'll find several vendors selling t-shirts and other more standard souvenirs.

These are by far not the only farmers markets, craft fairs and swap meets on Maui. Like most places Saturdays are popular for yard or tag sales at individual residences. A good source for current information is to pick up a copy of the Maui News on Thursday or Friday and look in the classifieds. You can also ask the desk or concierge at your hotel or condominium for any close to where you're staying.

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