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Driving West Maui's Rugged North Shore


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Honolua Bay
Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay

The second bay you'll come to in the Mokuleia Marine Life Conservation District is Honolua Bay. Once again you'll need to park along the road or in the small turnoff. The beach lies between mile markers 32 and 33 on Highway 30. After a short walk through the jungle and past some ferile cats you'll come to the shore. There's no real beach here, just a lot of rocks, but that doesn't mean that this is not a great place to swim. The snorkeling and scuba diving here are excellent especially near the cliff faces. You'll need to be careful crossing the rocks and entering the water.

Conditions here are best in summer. In winter or after a heavy rain, you're best to just enjoy the view here from the lookout area at Lipoa Point, just up the road on the left. The views from the lookout area are superb as you can see from our photo.

After a particularly heavy rain you'll notice that the water as far as you can see to the south is a muddy red due to runoff from streams.

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