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West Maui's Rugged North Shore by the Honoapi'ilani and Kahekili Highways


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Lipoa Point
Lipoa Point

Lipoa Point

Up the cliff from Honolua Bay, you'll notice pineapple fields on your left stretching out to the ocean. This flat plain was home to a golf course in the 1940's, hence it's nickname of "Golf Links." Right before the fields there's a dirt turnoff and a dirt road stretching to the coast. Usually you can pull into this road and park. In good conditions you can even drive down the road a bit. Don't try this when the road is muddy. You're actually venturing onto private property here, and Maui Land & Pineapple has tried to cut off access in the past.

A walk down the road provides superb views back towards Honolua Bay. You'll also find great views at the end of the road of the coast. There are several erodes paths that lead down the cliff face to small beaches below. These are mostly used by local surfers and swimmers who know where to step and where to avoid.

From above you'll see tidepools, hollowed out caves, natural arches and clear snorkeling and soaking pools.

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