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West Maui's Rugged North Shore by the Honoapi'ilani and Kahekili Highways


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Village of Kahakuloa
Village of Kahakuloa

Village of Kahakuloa

Maui Eco-Adventures "Latatudes and Adatudes"

You'll notice that the highway markers no longer read Highway 30 (Honoapi'ilani Highway), but now Highway 340 (Kahekili Highway). Beginning with mile marker 16.3 the mileage shows in descending order.

Right before mile marker 16, you'll see a huge boulder near the road on your right. This is called "The Bellstone". This boulder is reported to sound like a bell if struck in the correct place on the right side with another rock or stone.

After the Bellstone you'll see a dirt road leading to the "Olivine Pools," a natural lava formation that creates pockets of water in the rocks when the surf is calm. The lava has small pieces of the semi-precious gem olivine encrusted in the rock.

The road begins to narrow and heads back down towards sea level. Keep your eye our for mile marker 15 and the scenic outlook nearby. From here you'll get a fantastic view of the village of Kahakuloa as seen in the photo. There's also a spot on the other side as you climb back up the mountain where you can view the village.

Kahakaloa is a small isolated village at the end of a valley. The village is home to about 100 people and their homes, two lovely churches, and several roadside stands including the Panini Pua Kea fruit stand and Ululani by the Bay, a pink cart with sodas and snacks run by Ululani Ho'opi'i, wife of recording artist Richard Ho'opi'i of the Ho'opi'i Brothers. You won't find a gas station or restaurant here, but you will find very friendly people.

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