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Best Maui Beaches


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Ali'i Kahekili Nui Ahumanu Beach Park
Best Maui Beaches

Ali'i Kahekili Nui Ahumanu Beach, Kaanapali, Maui

Photo by John Fischer, licensed to About.com

Maui is an island with hundreds of beaches including beaches of black sand, golden sand, red sand and white sand. There are excellent beaches for swimming and snorkeling and great beaches for surfing and windsurfing. There are great beaches for people watching and others where you can be almost totally alone. Here are our picks for some of the best beaches on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Ali'i Kahekili Nui Ahumanu Beach Park

Known by many names such as just Kehekili Beach, Airport Beach and North Ka'anapali Beach, this beach stretches north from Black Rock to the new Westin Ka'anapali Resort Villas.

There is a very nice beach park located at the end of Kai Ala Drive which serves as the main entrance to the Westin resort. The parking lot is large. There are bathroom and shower facilities. There is also a covered pavilion and barbecue grills. It's a popular spot for family gatherings.

The beach itself is lovely, although it does drop off quickly once you enter the water. The ocean is generally calm. From the southern part of the beach - a hike from the beach park - you can swim out to Black Rock where the snorkeling is excellent.

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