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Maui Zipline Tours


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Skyline Eco-Adventures, Kapalua Adventures Zip Line and Piiholo Ranch Zipline
Maui Zipline Tours

Three Maui Zipline Companies

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As ecotourism or green tourism becomes a more sought out way to spend vacations, ziplining has become one of the fastest growing eco-friendly activities throughout the world.

Ziplining gained popularity in Costa Rica in the early 1990's when several companies began to offer "canopy tours" through the Costa Rican rainforest.

On Maui there are three companies that offer zip line adventures. The first Maui zip line or Maui zipline company was Skyline Eco-Adventures. This was followed several years later by Kapalua Adventures. The most recent entry in the Maui zip line business is the Piiholo Ranch Zipline.

While some of the earliest zipline operators in Costa Rica experienced serious accidents, such has not been the case on Maui. All of the companies stress safety first and all participants are fully instructed on the use of the equipment. Each group of zippers is accompanied by several well experienced and expert guides. Each of the companies has similar but slightly different requirements and restrictions and you should visit their websites for details.

On an amusing note, one item that companies have never decided upon is the spelling of their business! Whether it's zipline, zip-line or zip line, however, you're sure to have a fun time.

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