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Maui Zipline Tours


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Skyline Eco-Adventures - Ka'anapali Skyline Adventure
Maui Zipline Tours

Skyline Eco-Adventures' Ka'anapali Skyline Adventure

Photo Courtesy of Skyline Eco-Adventures

More recently, Skyline has opened a second zipline tour in West Maui, called the Ka'anapali Skyline Adventure.

More adventurous than their original course, this second course is located deep into the mountains above Ka'anapali and can only be reached by off road vehicles such as a Pinzgauer. The Ka'anapali Skyline Adventure is a full half-day experience featuring eight ziplines and a meal served at the edge of a 1000-foot overlook which provides great views of the West Maui coast.

This tour operates eight times a day and is a half day tour. As of June 2009, the cost is a bit more at $149.95, but you can book it online for only $134.95.

Customers must be over 10 years of age, weigh between 80 & 260 lbs. and be physically able to hike 1/2 mile at elevation over uneven terrain for the Haleakala Tour and 2 miles for the Ka'anapali Tour. Customers with injuries, chronic heart problems should use discretion. No pregnant customers are allowed. There are additional recommendations and requirements listed on their website.

For reservations or information, call (808) 878-8400, or visit www.zipline.com.

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