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Atlantis Submarine Tour Maui


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Tour Overview
Atlantis Submarine Tour Maui

Atlantis Submarine Maui Signature Shot

Photo courtesy of Atlantis Adventures
Since I had just experienced the Atlantis Submarine Tour on Oahu in May of 2005, I was excited when I received an invitation to experience their Maui Submarine Tour when we were on Maui in November 2005. Having thoroughly enjoyed the tour on Oahu, I was expecting that I would also enjoy the Maui tour, but I didn't expect that I'd really enjoy it as much, if not more than the tour on Oahu.

While a lot of what Atlantis offers on Maui is the same as on Oahu, there are some distinct differences and those differences are what makes the Maui tour so great. The principal difference is that the Maui tour is a lot more personal. The tender is smaller, yet just as safe. The smaller tender actually makes for a more exciting ride through the waves and the views of West Maui are wonderful.

While both the Oahu and Maui crews are professional, the Maui crew is a lot of fun. In fact, they're very funny. The corny jokes and sound effects keep you laughing throughout the tour. The dive site was quite different. While the Oahu dive site included many man-made reefs, the Maui dive site explored natural reef formations and actually featured many more fish and natural coral formations.

We'll take a closer look at each of these features of the Atlantis Submarine Tour on Maui throughout this feature.

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