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Atlantis Submarine Tour Maui


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Photography Tips
Atlantis Submarine Tour Maui

Original and Corrected Photo at Stonewall from the Atlantis IV Submarine

Photos by John Fischer
What you see out the view port is probably not exactly what you might expect. Colors at these depths of 80-150 feet are very distorted by the way the water effects the sunlight that filters down to that depth. Everything appears to be a shade of blue or green except some of the fish that pass right by the view port.

Taking photos is a real challenge unless you do some homework beforehand in what settings to use on your camera. Luckily, I learned from my previous Atlantis tour on Oahu that digital photos are easily "fixed" with most photo software to provide a more accurate version of what you see.

I use Corel Photo Album 6 and a mere click on Quick Fix really makes a difference as you can see from the "before" and "after" shots above. For some reason video seems to turn out much better than still pictures and requires little or no adjustment.

The actual submarine tour lasts about 45-minutes. The time goes by very quickly - believe me. Before you realize it, the submarine surfaces and you disembark past a new group of guests awaiting their Atlantis adventure.

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