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Atlantis Submarine Tour Maui


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Sinking of Replica Whaling Ship Carthaginian Creates New Reef and New Dive Site
Atlantis Submarine Tour Maui

Photos from the Sinking of the Carthaginian

Photos courtesy of Atlantis Adventures
On December 13, 2005, following two years of preparation, Atlantis Adventures sank the Carthaginian replica whaling ship off Lahaina, Maui, creating an artificial reef that will have lasting marine life benefits and enhance its submarine tour experience.

On a lovely Maui day, everything went as planned and the Carthaginian is now resting in an upright position in 95 feet of water, anchored to a sandy bottom that’s devoid of coral reef a half-mile offshore.

Atlantis has incorporated the former Lahaina tourist attraction into its Maui submarine tour experience.

The 97-foot, steel-hulled vessel will develop into a self-sustaining habitat for fish, coral and other marine life. It will also provide a new and interesting site for scuba divers, helping to alleviate overuse of natural reefs along the Lahaina coastline.

The Lahaina Restoration Foundation sold the Carthaginian to Atlantis in 2003 so it could be used as an artificial reef instead of being scuttled.

Originally a German freight carrier before being converted into a tourist attraction in 1973, the rusting vessel needed major repairs. A feasibility study determined a refurbishment was cost-prohibitive and that the Carthaginian would not survive being towed to Honolulu for repairs.

Atlantis has enjoyed great success with its artificial reefs created off Waikiki, resulting in a vibrant eco-system supporting all types of indigenous fish, coral and marine life. The same ecological benefits are expected off Lahaina.

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