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Haleakala National Park Summit Area Photo Gallery

Photos Along the Haleakala Highway and at the Summit Area of Haleakala


This gallery of 48 photos features photos taken along the Haleakala Highway on the way to the summit of Haleakala, including photos of cattle, horses, landscapes and Haleakala silversword.

We also have a large number of photos taken at the summit and looking into the crater or, more properly called, the depression of Haleakala. We hope you enjoy our collection of Haleakala photos.

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Map of Haleakala National ParkHorses Along the Haleakala HighwayUpcountry Maui As Seen from the Haleakala HighwayUpcountry Maui Countryside As Seen from the Haleakala Highway
Cow Along the Haleakala HighwayCattle Crossing the Haleakala HighwayCloud Covered Haleakala HighwayCloud Covered Haleakala Highway
Bicyclist on the Haleakala HighwayHaleakala Mountainside Above the CloudsBicyclist on the Haleakala HighwayMain Entrance to Haleakala National Park

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