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Hana Highway Tip Sheet

Tips on Traveling the Hana Highway Through Maui


Hana Highway Tip Sheet

One Lane Bridge along the Road to Hana

Photo by John Fischer, licensed to About.com

Special thanks to Heidi Scoggins for sending us her Hana Highway Tip Sheet. Heidi has provided an excellent summary of the highlights along the Hana Highway complete with mile markers to help you find the sights. When Heidi wrote this for us, she worked for Klahani Resorts and Travel in Lahaina, Maui. You can email Heidi directly at MauiHeidi@yahoo.com.

Where available, I have added a hyperlink to a photo of the location in our Road to Hana and Beyond Photo Gallery.

Road to Hana - Highlights

Paia Town - Maui's historic plantation town. Visit the town's quaint boutique shops and numerous eateries.

Maui Grown Market - 914 Hana Highway. 7.5 miles past Paia. Last food stop for 30 miles (sandwiches, fruit drinks and restrooms).

Mile Markers Start Over at Mile 0 - Reset Odometer

Painted Bark Eucalyptus Trees - .7 mile past mile marker 6.

Waikamoi Ridge Trail - .6 mile past mile marker 9. A half-mile nature walk through trees, bamboo and ferns, with scenic picnic table overlooks.

Garden of Eden Arboretum and Botanical Garden - mile marker 10½. Over 26 acres of Maui's finest nature trails. Trees, flowers and foliage in a unique and natural island setting.

Puohokamoa Stream - mile marker 11. A leisurely stroll on a paved highway past picnic tables to falls and a swimming hole.

Kaumahina State Wayside Park - just past mile marker 12. Restrooms, picnic shelter and coastal views.

Honomanu Bay - access road is .1 mile past mile marker 14. A black sand beach.

Keanae Arboretum - .8 mile past mile marker 16. Halfway to Hana. Two 15 minute easy walking trails with a view of the rugged Hana coastline, picnic spots.

Keanae Village - just before mile marker 17. Hawaiian village, tara fields, missionary church and swimming area. Walk down gravel road, then swim upstream 50 yards to small falls and a large pool.

Kaenae Peninsula - mile marker 17. Lookout point over Keanae's taro fields.

Half Way to Hana Store - Uncle Harry's Fruit Stand, restroom and snacks.

Wailua Valley Lookout - .9 mile past mile marker 18. Beautiful vistas up the valley.

Wailua Peninsula Lookout - .2 mile past mile marker 19. Lookout over taro ponds and jungle.

Pua'a Ka'a State Wayside Park - .6 mile past mile marker 22. Quiet stream, small waterfall and pools. Restrooms and picnic spots.

Hana Gardenland Cafe - mile marker 30 on Kalo Road. Lunch and snack foods, nursery and gallery.

Wainapanapa State Park - just past mile marker 32. Black sand beach, legendary cave, restrooms and picnic tables.

Hana Ranch - 4500 acres including the Hotel Hana-Maui's 60 acres. Owned by Unna Brothers in the 1800's who raised sugar cane. Bought by Paul Fagan in 1935 who began raising cattle. Currently owned by Keola Hana Maui, Inc. who raises cattle on 2,200 acres.

Hotel Hana-Maui - .5 mile past mile marker 33. Veer right at the fork in the road off Highway 360 for one mile. The Hotel Hana-Maui is on the left side of the upper road.

Hana Bay - Turn left onto Haneo'o Road, 1.5 miles past Hana. White sand beach is .6 miles down the road.

Hale Waiwai - House of Treasures - Hana Cultural Center and Museum. Turn right when leaving Hana Bay. Located on the lower road overlooking Hana Bay.

Kaihalulu (Red Sand Beach) - Parking is at the corner of Uakea and Hauoli Roads. The trail head begins at the Hotel Hana-Maui's Sea Ranch Cottages. Short ten-minute walk to red cinder sand in a secluded cove. Warning - Swimsuits are optional.

Hamoa Beach - Turn left onto Haneo'o Road, 1.5 miles past Hana. White sand beach is .6 mile down the road.

Kipahulu Pools - Thirty minutes past Hana. Three pools are below the highway. Approximately 1.2 mile hike above the highway to Makahiku Falls and one mile further to Waimoku Falls.

Charles Lindbergh's Grave - One mile past Ohe'o Gulch at the Palapala Ho'omanau Church.

If you'd like to see all 117 photos along the Hana Highway, check out our Road to Hana and Beyond Photo Gallery.

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