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Moloka'i for the Day


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Much Has Changed in the Ten Years Since Did This Tour
Moloka'i for the Day

Molokai Coast and Fishponds

Photo by John Fischer, licensed to About.com

Back in May 2000 my wife and I tool a day trip to the island of Moloka'i. It's been over 10 years since that first visit and I've been to Moloka'i several times since. A lot has changed on Molokai since that first visit.

Paragon Air has gone out of business and it's now more difficult to fly to Molokai from West Maui. There are no longer any direct flights from Kapalua Airport. Island Air flies to Molokai from Kapalua, but you need to go through Honolulu to get to Molokai which makes for a long trip. Several airlines fly to Moloka'i from Kapalua, but only Go! and Pacfic Wings do so directly.

You can contact Moloka'i Off-road Tours and Taxi and arrange for air transportation and tour. The current price on their website (as of October 2010) is $211 per person.

Another alternative is to take the Moloka'i Ferry from Lahaina. The ferry currently (as of October 2010) offers a package ferry/day tour price of $207 per adult.

A lot has also changed on the island of Moloka'i itself. The Moloka'i Ranch has closed and with it their lodge and beach villas. The Kaluakoi Hotel and Golf Club closed shortly after our visit and has not reopened. The property is in disrepair.

Our wonderful guide with Moloka'i Off-road Tours and Taxi, Timothy Poaipuni, died in June of 2009 at the much too young age of 44. We were so sad when we heard of his passing.

While much has changed, the island and its people remain largely the same, although they have suffered with the closure of the ranch and the economic recession.

With all of that in mind, let's step back to May 2000 and join my wife and me for Moloka'i for a Day.

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