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Oahu's Leeward Coast


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Kolekole Pass
Oahu's Leeward Coast

Waianae Coast as seen from the Kolekole Pass

Photo by John Fischer, licensed to About.com

Once we reached the town of Nanakuli, we turned off the highway and headed inland towards the Waianae mountains. Most visitors need to continue south around Kapolei in order to return to Waikiki or proceed through Central Oahu to the North Shore area.

If, however, you or a member of your party is a current or former member of the U.S. military with a valid military ID, you can proceed through the U.S. Naval Magazine (weapons storage facility) and cross the the Waianae Mountains through the Kolekole Pass into Schoffield Barracks, a U.S. Army base and Wheeler Army Airfield. The road is closed to the public, but open to military personnel and their dependents on most days until sunset.

The drive across the mountains on Kolekole Pass Road offers great panoramic views of the Waianae Coast.

Being able to cut across the mountains shortens your travel time considerably especially if you intend to head to the North Shore since it leaves you right in the middle of Central Oahu near the towns of Waiawa and Mililani.

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