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Whale, Dolphin, and Turtle Encounters in the Waters off Oahu's Leeward Coast
Wild Side Specialty Tours

Waianae Boat Harbor

Photo by John Fischer

Of the millions of people who visit Oahu each year, a relative few ever venture to Oahu's Leeward Coast. There are numerous reasons for this. The area is somewhat remote, about an hour's drive from Waikiki even in good traffic. It's not the "touristy" side of the island. The Leeward Coast has also gotten a bad reputation in recent years because of the homeless situation which finds many families living in tents on the beach or in one of the many beach parks along the coast.

While there are indeed these many reasons not to visit the Leeward Coast, there are two major reasons to make it a part of your visit to Oahu. First, the Leeward Coast is one of the most beautiful areas of Hawaii. From the far northern end at Yokohama Beach to the Makua and Makaha Valleys, the coast is striking in its sheer natural beauty. The Leeward Coast also features several excellent beaches and other spots with great snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. Most of the beaches are far less crowded than their counterparts elsewhere on the island of Oahu.

The second major reason for driving over to the Leeward Coast is the subject of this photo essay, Wild Side Specialty Tours. By choosing Wild Side, you'll have the opportunity to get an ocean view of the majestic coastline and see many of the numerous species of marine life that make the waters between Oahu and Kauai their home.

It all begins at the Waianae Boat Harbor located a little over half-way up the Leeward Coast.

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