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Hawaii Food Tours - Presented by Matthew Gray's Gourmet Adventures


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Finding a Good Place to Eat When on Vacation

Those of us who visit Hawaii have one common problem - where to eat. At home we all know the nice restaurants for that special dinner, the local places for good Chinese or Italian food, and even the hole-in-the-walls which we like to think only we know about.

When we come to Hawaii we are clueless. We may read Frommer's or Fodor's and get an idea of what's available, or buy a good book like Robert and Cindy Carpenter's Hawaii Restaurant Guide.

More often we tend to eat at our hotel or someplace nearby that "seems" good or even look for the nearest Denny's or McDonalds. Too often we find ourselves spending good money for food that's simply OK or worse.

I'll always remember that the worst Chinese food my wife and I ever had was in San Francisco's Chinatown. We had no idea where to eat, so we just picked a place at random. The food was terrible!

Matthew Gray understood this problem very well. As an accomplished chef and food critic for the Honolulu Advertiser, Gray had eaten in almost every restaurant on Oahu. He knew that there were really good places to eat, but that there were also quite a few pretty bad places also.

After over ten years of experiencing the good and bad of Hawaii's restaurants, Matthew and his partner Keira Nagai, who also had worked for years in the food industry, decided to start their own business to share their knowledge of Oahu's restaurants with those of us who know far too little. Hawaii Food Tours was born. Next...

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