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Hilton Hawaiian Village Penguin Colony


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About Black-footed Penguins
Hilton Hawaiian Village Penguin Colony

Icarus: Male Black-footed Penguin - Hilton Hawaiian Village

Photo by John Fischer, licensed to About.com

Penguins in Hawaii, you surely ask? Isn't it much too hot? That's an excellent question and one everyone has. These are black-footed penguins which are native to South Africa.

They are warm-weather penguins and do just fine in sunny Hawaii. These penguins average a life span of 25-30 years and may breed up to twice a year in monogamous pairs. Although they spend most of their time on land, they are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for about three minutes underwater.

To help identify the penguins, each has a wing band which shows his or her name. The males have the band on the right wing. The females have the band on the left.

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