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Pearl Harbor Historical Photos

Japanese Air Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941


We are pleased to bring you a collection of historical photos taken immediately prior to, during and after the Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Sunday, December 7, 1941. We have also included a number of historical photos documenting the salvage efforts which followed the raid.

World War II was the first was involving the United States where photo journalism played a significant role in reporting and preserving the history of the conflict. These historic photos documenting the attack on Pearl Harbor and subsequent salvage efforts are all in the public domain and found in the records of the National Archives or the U.S. Navy Historical Center.

Interestingly, many of these photos were only declassified in the 1980's. Many have never been seen in print. We hope that you enjoy the collection.

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USS Arizona (BB-39) at Sea in the 1930'sUSS Arizona (BB-39) in Heavy Seas in the 1930'sUSS Arizona Burning After the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Afire and Sinking
Sunken USS Arizona Taken December 10, 1941Sunken USS Arizona - View from Port Bow Looking AftUSS Arizona - Foremast Structure, Conning Tower and Top of Turret #2Sunken USS Arizona - Turrets #3 and 4
USS Arizona - Salvage Aerial Views Taken 3/21/43USS Arizona - Lifting Underwater Wreckage Aft of Conning TowerBattleships USS West Virginia and USS Tennessee in FlamesUSS West Virginia and the USS Tennessee Following the Attack
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