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Episode 2: Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs and the Old Bunch

Survivor Vanuatu - Episode Guide


Dolly Neely

Dolly Neely

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Tree mail arrives and it's time for the next Immunity Challenge. Lopevi decides that their bad luck may be tied to their lack of respect for the special stone given to them by the chief, so they decide to give it more respect by mounting it on a pole in a place on honor in their camp.

The teams gather for the immunity challenge. This competition is designed to test communication and the ability to work together. Blindfolded, the Survivors need to retrieve puzzle pieces from the land and sea with the aid of a fellow tribe member who is not blindfolded. Once all the pieces are gathered, the tribe would then remove their blindfolds in order to put together their puzzle pieces to create platforms that lead to an observation deck. Once the platforms are pieced together, the Survivors then must race to the top of the observation deck. The first tribe to finish all of their platform puzzles wins immunity.

Scout is chosen to guide the blindfolded Yasur tribe members, while Lea is chosen to direct the Lopevi members. Lea is clearly in his element. The drill sergeant shouts orders like he's back at boot camp while Scout seems somewhat lost in guiding her team who has difficulty in hearing her instructions. Lopevi is the first to gather all pieces of their puzzle and quickly assembles their platforms winning immunity and with it the flint to make fire.

Yasur returns to camp defeated and facing the decision on whom to vote off their team. It appears that the older members are targeting Eliza while the younger members are targeting Leann, however, Dolly soon begins to worry both factions, as she appears to be playing both sides and making little effort to conceal it. As the tribe gathers for Tribal Counsel and the votes are counted it seems clear that the team is more worried about Dolly being a floater and an unreliable member of either the younger or older group and by a vote of 5-4 Dolly is voted off the team. Eliza has switched sides for this vote, apparently realizing that Dolly had identified her as a target for the older members.

As she faces the camera for the last time Dolly comments, "This game is too much for me. I wasn't cut out for this. I'm just a simple farm girl. I can't plot, plan and scheme and I'm not too good at reading people. I just kind of live in my old little world and I'm way too simple and I just belong on the farm." The viewer is left wondering why Dolly ever applied for Survivor with so little knowledge of how the game works.

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