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Tsunamis in Hawaii

A tsunami or tidal wave is a constant threat to any island in the Pacific including Hawaii. Learn how Hawaiians can be prepared for one if it comes.

FAQ's regarding Tsunamis
From NOAA, a good starting place for some basic information on tsunamis.

Hawaii Tsunami Evacuation Maps
From the Pacific Disaster Center, tsunami evacuation maps for each of the main Hawaiian islands.

Pacific Disaster Center
The best single source for information on hurricanes, floods, tsunami and other disasters, plus weather and climate information.

Pacific Tsunami Museum, Hilo Hawaii
Their mission is to promote public education about tsunamis for the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Region

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
General information from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Weather Service, the Intergovernmerntal Oceanographic Commission, and the International Tsunami Information Center.

Savage Earth: Waves of Destruction
The PBS series takes a detailed look at tsunamis and their causes.

Survey of Great Tsunamis
Documenting some of the more destructive recent tsunamis, with textual descriptions of the events supplemented by images and computer-generated simulations.

The Physics of Tsunamis
How is a tsunami generated and how does it propagate? - from the University of Washington.

The Tsunami Warning System
How are people in coastal areas warned about tsunamis? - from the University of Washington.

Tsunami Hazard Mitigation
Information about tsunamis that may save your life - from the University of Washington.

What are the Characteristics of Tsunami Waves?
From the Pacific Disaster Center a very informative and detailed description what is seen in a tsunami wave.

What causes Tsunamis?
From the Pacific Disaster Center, a explanation of the causes of tsunamis. Check out the neat graphic.

What does Tsunami mean?
The Japanese translation (harbor wave) and other facts about tsunami, from the University of Washington.

What is a Tsunami?
From the Pacific Disaster Center, a concise explanation and photos.

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