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User Review - Hawaiian Condo Resorts Inc.

Reader Reviews: Oahu Hotels, Resorts and Condominium Hotels

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By evavlachynsky

Oahu Hotel and Resort Reviews

Hotel, Resort or Condominium Hotel Name 

Hawaiian Condo Resorts Inc.

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Honolulu, Hawaii



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Their website boasts "friendly" staff, however, the man who took my call became very agitated and rude when I had reservations about being charged $250 for a deposit before I had even seen the room.

He could offer me no reassurance that this is a valid hotel and not a scam other than the existence of a website. He told me that I was wasting his time, declined to take my reservation, and hung up on me because he "didn't need my business."

I strongly caution against doing any business with this place.

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John Fischer, About.com Hawaii Travel, says:

I have never heard of this company and have never had any dealings with them. They appear to be a booking agent for condos at numerous locations in Hawaii. Most condos of this type are individually or corporately owned and they use a booking agent or management company to handle rentals, maintenance etc. A deposit is not unusual. Some even require payment in full upfront. They should, however, have explained where you'd be staying. Their attitude, as you reported it, is unacceptable.

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