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Reader Stories: Hawaiian Christmas Memories or Family Traditions

The Christmas season is a special season for people across the globe, but each country and each U.S. state has its own unique way of celebrating the season.

Hawaii is a special place at Christmas time. While you won't see snow except on rare occasions on the summit of Mauna Kea, you will still see signs of Christmas across the islands. You may even see Santa arrive somewhere on a surfboard or Santa and his elves decked out in aloha shirts. Instead of a turkey dinner, many locals plan a luau for family and friends.

Whether you're a local resident or someone who has visited Hawaii over the holidays, I'm sure you have some special memories of Christmas in Hawaii. If you're a local resident, perhaps you have some unique ways of celebrating the holiday season Hawaiian style.

We'd love to hear what makes an Hawaiian Christmas so special for you. Share your favorite Hawaiian Christmas memories or family traditions.

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